Color Glass. Icons that look like gems

1,800+ icons, available in SVG and PNG.
Free for a link.
Icon in Color Glass styleIcon in Color Glass styleIcon in Color Glass styleIcon in Color Glass styleIcon in Color Glass styleIcon in Color Glass style
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Simple geometric icons with overlapping elements.
Recolor them or make them monochrome — they will shine!
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Frequently asked questions
Can I use these icons for free?
Yes, you can, as long as you put a link to Icons8 on the finished work — more about Free license. Free icons do have size and format limitations, though. Purchase a subscription to get all sizes and formats and use them without the link attribution.
How can I use these icons?
Our icons are perfect for mobile and web apps, SaaS software tools, infographics, presentations, reports, and client work.
Can I download all the icons to have them at hand at any time?
That would be a hell of a job to download all of them! So we’ve made an app for easy use on macOS and Windows. And you can also use plugins for Figma, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, or Google Docs Add-on to have all the icons at hand, right where you need them.
I want to add your icons to an app I develop so my users can use them. Is this possible?
Yes, but you would need a custom license agreement to do so. Drop us a message at, and we’ll help you with that.