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Frequently asked questions
May I use your animated icons for commercial projects?
Yes, an Icons subscription lets you use animated icons without attribution for both personal and commercial projects. These assets can also be used for free as long as you include link attribution back to Icons8. More about licensing
Which formats do you offer?
We offer JSON, Adobe After Effects, and GIF.  JSON is perfect for web design and mobile apps. After Effects is great format for animators and video producers.  GIFs are perfect for everywhere else.
Can I resize these icons to make them larger without pixelation?
Yes, you can resize the icons in JSON format. Their quality will remain the same. You can implement them in your code by using the Lottie library packs. There is no option to implement the animated icons in CSS or JS, unfortunately.
I can’t find an icon I need. Can I make a request?
Absolutely! We would be glad to draw animated icons for you. Please, make a request here. Don’t forget to choose the preferable style and mention that you need the animated icon.
How can I create my own animated icons?
We've created a tutorial showing the workflow of icon animation. Feel free to create your own icons and share them with the community!
Do you have other graphic assets?
Icons8 has a massive library of design assets to cover any of your needs: icons, illustrations, photos, and even music. We have more animated icons upcoming, so be sure to subscribe to our email list for the latest!